Two mountain bike freeriders on the descent
We open on 07/06/2024

MTB Freeride & Downhill at Kronplatz

The ultimate thrill:
downhill, freeride & more

Only for the brave and adrenaline junkies: the MTB freeride bike park at the Kronplatz!
The free shuttle service takes you from San Vigilio to Passo Furcia, from where you can access all the trails at Kronplatz. The current operating times & prices of the lifts can be found here. Gravity & downhill bikes can be rented in San Vigilio or in Riscone at the Kronplatz.

The trails

▶ Starting point | ↔ Length | 🔼 Altitude difference | ❤ Level of difficulty | 🍽 Destination

Herrnsteig Trail

Two mountainbikers at Kronplatz

▶ Kronplatz peak | ↔ 8 km | 🔼 1.300 ad | ❤ Medium | 🍽 Reischach valley station 

Challenging, winding, not for beginners, only for experts.
Two different variants branch off on both sides of the original trail for more experienced mountain bikers.
(Franz Trail  978 m, Hans Trail  750 m)

Furcia Trail

Two mountain bike riders on a single trail

▶ Kronplatz peak | ↔ 4,7 km | 🔼 600 ad | ❤ Medium | 🍽 Passo Furcia 

The Furcia Trail is mainly known as the little brother of the Herrnsteig Trail, but don't underestimate it for that reason. It has 120 curves along 4.6 km of path. Therefore, it is a trail for advanced and expert bikers.

Piz de Plaies

Two MTB riders on a trail in the forest

▶ Piz de Plaies mountain station | ↔ 3,8 km | 🔼 500 ad | ❤ Medium | 🍽 San Vigilio 

Banked curves, jumps and much more – no single stretch of the path is straight! An incomparable biking experience for everyone who isn't afraid of narrow passages. Advanced bikers and experts can give it a try!


Mountain biker in the forest

▶ Kronplatz peak | ↔ 8 km | 🔼 1.110 ad | ❤ Easy/Medium | 🍽 Valdaora 1 + 2 valley station

Everybody started small – a trail for beginners and for everyone who wants to try a downhill trail. The trail divides into two sections. The first is relatively simple with easy jumps. The second one is a bit more challenging and is moderately steep.

Andreas Trail

MTB rider in the forest

▶ Riscone | ↔ 906 m | 🔼 210 ad | ❤ Difficult | 🍽 Riscone valley station

There is no lift for this trail, you have to bike up to it. The trail is located in the valley area and demands riding skills and full concentration from experienced mountain bikers.
Another trail branches off after another couple of curves: the Alex Trail requires more leg work but is a true masterpiece!

Korer Trail

Two mountain bikers on a descent in the forest

▶ 1 km above the Korerhof / Riscone | ↔ 900 m | 🔼 200 ad | ❤ Difficult | 🍽  Riscone valley station

There is no lift available for this trail. Ride from Herrensteig to Korerhof, where the Korer Trail starts, which has a few steep steps and challenging sections.

Skills Park Cir

Mountain biker in a skill park

▶ Mountain station for the Piz de Plaies gondola lift

Perfectly suited for beginners and for everyone who wants to deepen their abilities: this small, well-kept area has steep curves, as well as tree trunk and equilibrium passages and more.

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