Two girls at a mountain lake

Your summer holiday in the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites

Mountains, a place of longing

Multi-faceted. Extreme diversity, many treasures, full of experiences. Rock giants that look close enough to touch. Densely shaded woods - habitats for unique flora and fauna. Hamlets and mountain lakes that sparkle in the sunlight. Idyllic fairy tale scenery? We have that too. But above all: a fantastic reality.

Embedded in the natural splendour of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites and in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park: it’s home for us. Welcome to your summer holiday in San Vigilio di Marebbe, a place with deep roots, a 2000-year history and magical legends …

Find happiness at the top of the peak

Girl hiking in South Tyrol

According to an old expression, all good things come in threes. Mountains, alpine pastures, rustic lodges. Yet San Vigilio di Marebbe in the Kronplatz holiday area is so much more.

What we say is that all good things can be found here. Yes, that sounds about right. Now that we have cleared that up, we will send you up to find happiness on the summit, mountains are already calling you …


The land of legends

Infallible magic arrows and a white panther that turns fiery red when there is danger. A king's daughter named Dolasilla.
A hero named Ey de Net. Happy marmots, eagles, forest people and dwarfs. Immerge yourself in the Kingdom of Fanes. As far as secretive tales and legends go, the Ladin culture is one of the best.

The origin of the Fanes Myth goes back thousands of years and today is closely entwined with the land, culture and people. A never-ending fascination. If you love culture and are interested in the customs and traditions of the land and its people, as well as the many legends, we recommend a visit to the following cultural sites:

Two girls and a boy hiking in summer
  • „Tru dles Liondes“ theme trail
    San Vigilio di Marebbe
    Interactive hike with various stations

  • Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor
    San Martino in Badia
    This museum focuses on the Ladin people of yesterday and today

  • Ursus Ladinicus Museum
    San Cassiano
    The museum is dedicated to the pre-Ursus Spelaus (cave bear) from Val Badia

  • Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature park visitor centre 
    San Vigilio di Marebbe
    Immerge yourself in the origin of the Dolomites, in Ladin legends, the flora and fauna of the nature preserve

Our museums

Museum on the mountains in South Tyrol

Get away from dust-dry scholarly material, discover interactive enthusiasm.

  • Messner Mountain Museum Corones
    The mountains are at the centre of the action.

  • Messner Mountain Museum Ripa
    Brunico castle
    Mountain people and their life among the rock giants.

  • Lumen Museum
    Everything about mountain photography.

Discover the world through the eyes of a child

Family hiking in summer

What is the most precious jewellery in the world?
The family. Where else can you be yourself, be who you really are.

Where else is the bond so strong? There are many different types of families, many forms of expression. Your favourite time? Family time!

A fun & exciting family holiday

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