South Tyrol's mountains in summer
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A hiking summer in the Dolomites

Hiking in South Tyrol
and the Dolomites

The best time of the year for hiking in South Tyrol is now.
Whether it is spring, summer or autumn - countless trails, climbs and paths can be found around San Vigilio, in the Fanes-Sennes-Prags and Puez-Odle nature parks.

Dive into your very personal hiking experience in the Dolomites, which starts right from our hotel. You can also use the lifts during summer, which will take you, for example, up to the plateau of Piz de Plaies or to the Kronplatz.

Wandering through nature

Girl sitting smiling on meadow

What is the best about hiking in the Dolomites in spring, summer and autumn?

The start: The anticipation of your upcoming adventure, that tingling in your feet.
The path: Nature’s treasures along the edge of the path, you can hear the marmots whistle, find yourself again.
The destination: Reach the top, forget all effort, be detached and free.

A perfectly complete service

“We had again a couple of fantastic days in the Dolomites. Interesting, varied tours through one of the most magnificent landscapes in Europe. For this reason, Barbara and Romans’ Sporthotel Exclusive is an ideal starting point. Familiar warmth and the 360° service as it should be ...“ 

Stefan S., TripAdvisor

Unsere Top Touren

▶ Starting point | 🕗 Duration | ↔ Distance | 🔼 Altitude difference | ❤ Diffculty | 🍽 Rest stops

Hike to the Fanes mountain pasture

Fanes hut in summer

▶ Parking lot at the Pederü lodge | 🕗 3,5 h | ↔ 11 km | 🔼 510 ad | ❤ Average | 🍽 Fanes mountain lodge

Discover the marmot parliament - perhaps you will even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Dolomite Queen?

Route description: this hiking path, number 7, starts from the parking lot and then climbs steeply up over rocks and stone, past mountain pines up to the top. The alternative path: a gravel road. After 1.5 hours, both paths meet at a large crossway. The last stretch up to the Fanes mountain pasture follows the gravel road. Nearby you can also find the Lavarella lodge as well as the green lake. We recommend taking the gravel road to go back.

Hike to the Medalges mountain pasture

Girl on a bench next to a mountain hut

▶ Lungiarü | 🕗 5 h | ↔ 13 km | 🔼 930 ad | ❤ Average | 🍽 Ciampcios

Picture perfect: waving and hilly mountain pastures with idyllic, rustic barns. The sun and the bright blue-sky shine through.

Route description: start with marker number 5 and follow it, also after the branch near the large rock. The path leads through the woods and is sometimes steep, sometimes flat. Once you reach the edge of the woods, the path will become wider and the surrounding mountain world will enchant you. You have almost made it, the last steps lead up to Medalges pasture, which not only offers the best panoramic views but also has delicious food on the daily menu. We recommend taking the same path to go back.

Hike to the Armentara Meadows

Two girls lie in a mountain meadow

▶ La Val  | 🕗 3 h | ↔ 7 km | 🔼 418 ad | ❤ Easy | 🍽 Ranch Andrè

Gentian, globe flowers, alpine anemones and much more – the country’s most beautiful fields of flowers at the feet of the imposing Santa Croce peak bloom from May to August …

Route description: drive to La Val towards the football ground, follow the street to the left and after the last short and steep stretch of road, park your car. From here take the “Roda de Armentara” path to the Armentara meadows and the Santa Croce hospice, a pilgrim church. The unique and imposing Santa Croce peak rises above everything: it is a true experience not only to see the flowers, it is also worth seeing in winter! 

Hike to Passo delle Erbe

A boy and a girl during a hike in South Tyrol

▶ Passo delle Erbe | 🕗 5,5 h | ↔ 13 km | 🔼 490 ad | ❤ Average

You have certainly seen the Sas de Pütia at least once – either from afar or even up close, it truly stands out and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Route description: follow path number 8A, you will soon reach a forked junction. Continue following your path number and turn to the right. The path leads to the Sas de Pütia nick, the highest point of the tour (2,357 m). Then the path goes back down, and path numbers 4B and 35 lead through beautiful mountain pastures to the “Göma-Joch”. From here the path returns to the starting point.

Hike to the Sennes mountain pasture

A host greets two hikers on their arrival

▶ Pederü lodge | 🕗 4,5 h | ↔ 10 km | 🔼 590 ad  | ❤ Average | 🍽 Sennes & Fodara mountain lodge

A day trip to the high-alpine landscape with mountain pastures, mountain pines and mountain panoramas as a backdrop.

Route description: starting from the lodge at the parking area, follow markings 7/9 through the steep hairpin bends up to a split in the road. Stay to the right on the main path, this leads up gently to the Fodara Vedla and further on to the Sennes lodge. Return the way you came.

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