Garden with deckchairs in summer
We open on 07/06/2024

Hotel with swimming pool at the Kronplatz

Vitalising swimming pleasure

Every step needs 40, each kiss strengthens 12 and when we laugh, especially if it is a real knee-slapper, more than 20 and if you write a post card from your holidays, you use 58 of them. What are we talking about?

Your muscles of course! Working your muscles is good for your body! Do you know how many muscles you exercise when you swim in our hotel pool? One hundred seventy!

Dive in

Indoor pool with jacuzzi

Fact: Hiking through the world, kissing, smiling, writing post cards and swimming are healthy – for young and old! So: simply dare to take the plunge into the vitalising water of our hotel swimming pool and relax in the whirlpool, and let a smile cover your face more often!

Garden πŸ˜‰

β€œThe garden is a feast for the eyes and the lawn is so beautiful you can feel jealous. If Bayern Munich ever needs a greenkeeper – Roman, you would be my recommendation. β€œ

Alex, Holidaycheck

... and when will you be our guest?

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