Cross-country skier in South Tyrol
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Cross-country ski holidays in the Dolomites

The most beautiful cross-country ski trails in Val Pusteria and South Tyrol

Why cross-country skiing should become your new favourite winter sport

Are you an enthusiastic cross-country skier? Then you already know all about it and can read on with our tour tips. All those who don't know yet if cross-country skiing, is theirs, will stay here:

Cross-country skier in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Reserve
  • 2-in-1 or two birds with one stone
    Once you have got the hang of it, you can take your time to admire the landscape scenery as you glide along. And the landscape has a lot to offer in and around San Vigilio! At the same time you train your muscles, heart, circulation and balance. Well, who would have thought that sport can also be fun?

  • Power boost for your muscles
    While you can also try eating spinach like Popeye – leg, torso and shoulder muscles are best exercised when cross-country skiing. This promotes your strength endurance, which means that you start to feel all the muscles that you never knew you had.
Cross-country skier in the Dolomites
  • Varied cross-country ski trails
    Whoever thinks that cross-country skiing is boring should first try out the various cross-country ski trails in the Dolomites. It doesn’t always just go straight forward. The terrain is sometimes hilly, sometimes steep, sometimes open, sometimes secretive, sometimes densely wooded – or in a word: Varied!
Cross-country skier on descent
  • Stress-free winter sports
    Faster, better, farther? Stop! The attraction of cross-country skiing is not the competition. People who cross-country ski are practising enjoyment. Running very relaxed through the day and at the end of your tour you have trained your whole body. Without drudgery and stress.

  • Gentle on the joints and for all ages
    Whether young, young-at-heart, mature or sprightly - cross-country skiing is something for every age group and is also particularly gentle on the joints.

Cross-country trails in San Vigilio and the surrounding area

Cross country skier on slope

San Vigilio cross-country ski trail
23 km | medium

Roda de Börz cross-country ski trail, San Vigilio
6 km | easy

Riscone cross-country ski trail
5 km | easy

Cross-country skiing at the Anterselva biathlon centre
6 km | average

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